~ Andrew Boyd, Goodreads

"... I will say that it contains various elements that kept me enthralled with its details and gripping storytelling up to the end of the last sentence."

~ No Labels Unleashed, Goodreads 

"What a phenomenal science-fiction read! I cannot wait to see how everything turns out.
If this other books in "Earth 8-8-2" are as well crafted as “The Genesis Project”, the magnificence of this work could even outshine the luster of “MarcoAntonio & Amaryllis”.
I highly recommend and will be obtaining this beauty in paperback.

~ A. Lopez Jr.

"Y. Correa knows how to develop the characters, with each one finding their own special place in the story and becoming a key component in the plot. If you are into a story set in the sci-fi/futuristic world, grab this one. I enjoyed the plot and premise and the author's imagination in creating this brand new world."